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Threading Concerns

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Author: Doug Voet (dvoet at
Version: $Revision: 1.2 $($Author: araman $ / $Date: 2003/05/02 11:48:18 $)
Created: October 2002

Threading Concerns

Functional Implementation

Components are shared objects. It is possible that multiple threads call functional interface methods on the same component instance. Components need to be designed/implemented with this in mind. It is up to the component implementer to ensure that a component is thread safe (i.e. all shared data is accessed in a synchronized context).


The component infrastructure guarantees that calls to functional interface methods will block while lifecycle methods are executing and vice versa. It also guarantees that only one lifecycle method can run at a time. This means that functional implementations that implement lifecycle interfaces do not need to be concerned with synchronization of lifecycle methods and synchronizing access to data shared between lifecycle methods and function interface methods.

Circular Component References

Circular references are allowed between Carbon Components (e.g. component A references component B and component B references component A). Using circular references, however, exposes some pitfalls with respect to deadlocks due to the locking mechanism described above. Follow these guidelines if circular references are required:

  • Start the circular structure of components from the Startup Service. For example, if A references B and B references A, configure the Startup Service to start A or B when Carbon loads. This ensures that the structure is loaded properly and no other thread accessed the structure before it is completely loaded.

  • If the above is not possible, does not make sense, or there are cases where a component within the circular structure can be programmatically destroyed, ensure that the entry point into the cycle is always the same. For example, if A references B and B references A and the Lookup Service is used to get A, there should be no code that uses the Lookup Service to get B (or any other component in the cycle if it is larger). If this happens, deadlocks are possible if there are concurrent requests for different components in the cycle.

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