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Author: Greg Hinkle (ghinkle at
Version: $Revision: 1.1 $($Author: ghinkl $ / $Date: 2003/07/08 18:13:21 $)
Created: June 2003

Future Goals

Carbon has been built to very high standards and is being used on a number of enterprise projects. Our primary goals now will be to assist its adoption, extends its capabilities and provide better and more documentation to ensure this is the highest quality open source enterprise framework on the market.


Among the enhancements we are working on or considering for the future are:

  • LDAP support in the user manager
  • Releasing our training materials (PowerPoints and activities)
  • Improving our example application and starter kits
  • Improving the core configuration integration with JMX (component/JMX relations)
  • Providing for cluster-wide management
  • Improving scheduler to support clustered deployment
  • Providing additional development tools

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