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The Carbon Core Config Subsystem

Carbon Core Configuration Subsystem

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The Carbon Configuration system provides a flexible abstract mechanism for maintaining hierarchical, strongly-typed information.

The configuration hierarchy is a tree structure with each node in the tree either a Folder, containing other nodes, or a Document, containing configuration information. The Carbon Core provides a file based system of nodes, but other Carbon modules provide jar, classloader and JNDI bases nodes. The hierarchy is extendable to allow implementations of other storage technologies.

Configuration documents are accessed in the hierarchy via Java interfaces. These interfaces describe the contents of configuration documents. Methods called on the interfaces retrieve the information contained within the documents. Because the interfaces are strongly-typed, developers can be assured of the type of information coming from configuration documents. This limits developer mistakes and negates the need to write validation logic. It also facilitates development and maintenance because configuration interfaces and their corresponding javadoc can provide clear and concise documentation about what configuration information is required and in what format.

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