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Exception Service Requirements

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Author: Greg Hinkle (ghinkle at
Version: $Revision: 1.2 $($Author: dvoet $ / $Date: 2003/04/29 21:21:52 $)
Created: March 2003


This document describes the requirments of the exception service.

Exceptions need to not require a base class
Since exceptions are part of a classes interface, we can not require that all exceptions subclass a particular framework exception.
Standard Enterprise Information
During the lifetime of a standard enterprise application it is quite common to see hundreds of thousands of exceptions thrown. These exceptions can range in cause from expected results to user mistakes to major system failure. Creating a common cataloging standard for these exceptions allows system managers to know which exceptions should be logged, tracked and dealt with.
Levelization is a good idea
We should explicitly support levelization as it is the recommended framework system
Logging is good
It is nice to automatically log exceptions since developers might forget. We can send exception logs for all exceptions and then filter with logging filters. That gives us the control to ignore or control this situation.
Extensibility is good
Would we want to create a system that would allow generic extension of exceptions. This might allow us to add functionality such as other types of logging or notification. Or perhaps, logging could be added to existing exceptions through this mechanism.
Externalized Messaging
We currently hard-code exception messages in the calls to exceptions and once in a while place the messages directly into the exception class. Is there a way to make them localizable, perhaps through extensible exceptions. We could consider allowing even more information to be included with exceptions (if it was externalized), such as common causes and possible fixes to them.

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