The Carbon Java Framework  

The Carbon EJB Module


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Author: Erik M Gottesman (egotte at


The requirements of the Carbon EJB service are to provide:

  • A means to simply and consistently lookup locally or remotely deployed Enterprise Java Beans
  • An API that encourages the user to maintain the proper security context
  • A mechanism to optionally cache EJB home interfaces
All service methods throw the abstract package-levelized exception HomeFactoryException.
The EJB service logs trace-level message when the component is configured, an EJB lookup is performed, when it checks for the home interface in its internal cache and when a new home interface is added to the cache.
The current implementation provides a single point of extensibility worth noting, specifically, the protected method cacheHome. In both the case of the LocalHomeFactory and RemoteHomeFactory, this method may be overridden to provide a more elaborate caching scheme, e.g. support for compound keys based on the EJBs logical name plus the security principal.

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