The Carbon Java Framework  

The Carbon Management Module

Management & JMX Design

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Author: Greg Hinkle (ghinkl at
Version: $Revision: 1.1 $($Author: ghinkl $ / $Date: 2003/07/08 18:18:32 $)
Created: July 2002


The management functionality of carbon is provided by augmenting components with hooks into the JMX (Java Management Extensions) APIs. An interceptor exposes the DynamicMBean interface from a component that is specialized to expose MBeanInfo for that component. The MBeanInfo will utilize a descriptor configuration to decide which functionality to expose. It will also expose the entire custom component configuration by default. Utilizing the management metadata to decide what features to expose, this service can provide sensible management interfaces, complete with thorough descriptions of what is what.

Notifications are also supported by having the decorator expose the NotificationBroadcaster capability that is part of the JMX specification. This interface is exposed on a component such that you can describe certain events in the management descriptor metadata for a particular component. This allows the component to describe what events it may send, allowing others to register to listen for those events. It can then send those events so that those listening will receive notifications.

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