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SQL Service Requirements

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Author: Greg Hinkle (ghinkle at
Version: $Revision: 1.3 $($Author: araman $ / $Date: 2003/05/05 07:46:27 $)
Created: July 2002


The SQL factory component should encapsulate the SQL service from users. The factory must return PreparedStatement and CallableStatement to the user, based on a query name identifier.

The factory would throw a GeneralSqlException, when unable to create the statement.
The entire process of creating the message is logged, with a TRACE severity.
Poor. The interface currently restricts us to create only PreparedStatement and CallableStatement. We are consciously taking this decision, because we dont for see any possibility of of logging or notification. Or perhaps, logging could be added to existing exceptions through this mechanism.
We currently hard-code exception messages in the calls to exceptions and once in a while place the messages directly into the exception class. Is there a way to make them localizable, perhaps through extensible exceptions.

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